Best Knife Set

There are plenty of ways you can pick your knives. You can choose them at random or you can pick them through reviews. It really depends on the chef but I’ve been victim to tonnes of horrible knife sets. It’s a shame that I’ve wasted so much money on substandard knives. It’s a real joke. I remember thinking all knives were the same. Well after using a few pristine knives, I’ve realized that I’ve never been more wrong in my entire life. That angst brought about a sudden realization in my being and soul. I wanted to own quality knives. If I were richer, you’ll only find blades by Shun or Wusthof but I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. So I came up with a fool proof way to pick knives that do the job right. It may cost a lot but trust me a good knife set could even become your new family heirloom.

best knife set

How Do I Pick My Knives ?

When selecting a knife set, it is imperative to consider two things, first the types of knives in the set and the quality of the material used to make them. Knife experts reckon that four types of knives are required. These are a paring knife (commonly referred to as a vegetable knife), an all-purpose serrated knife, a cook’s knife (that large one) and a bread knife (long and serrated). Optional pieces in the set may be the carving, boning, santoku and filleting knife.

Materials For The Best Knife Set

For the material used, stainless steel is the most affordable but it goes blunt easily and be quite cumbersome to sharpen. Carbon steel is more costly but harder and simpler to sharpen. Its only problem is that it can rust. Ceramic is ten times harder than carbon steel and does not rust. These blades are lightweight and do not require sharpening. The only downside to them is that they cannot be used once blunt and they can break. Damascus is the best material. It is the most expensive and very hard meaning a Damascus blade is razor sharp.

Best Knife Set Options

Considering this, one of the best knife sets is the Robert Welch signature knife block set with sharpener. The set includes a paring knife, a serrated knife, a cook’s knife, a bread knife, a carving knife and a kitchen knife all made from stainless steel. To assist in the sharpening, a ceramic sharpening wheel is included which retains the 15 degree blade edge. All of them are packaged in a beautiful knife block. The knife handles are designed ergonomically so that they fit perfectly on the palm. The design of these knives is done considering professional chefs input and are made from durable German forged steel.

Do You Even Need A Reason ?

Because they are made from steel, the knife set is relatively affordable. It costs about $ 350 and comes with a 25 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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