Great benefit of owning a sushi knife

Let’s face the truth, sushi knives aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. Why? They are only limited to making sushi rolls, but many of them are more versatile than others. Considering that you want to buy one, you are reading this article, and thinking whether it is worth your money or not. Well let me tell you, it is! Sushi knives are great for a variety of tasks, and getting one isn’t necessary, but is rather convenient.
So, in this article, we will discuss all the various benefits that will make you consider buying a sushi knife, so what are we waiting for? Let’s start!


The first great benefit of owning a sushi knife is that you’ll be buying a really sharp knife, so that means that you can use it to cut thick food, and will need less brute force to cut your favorite meat. For people who know basic cooking terminology, this knife has a single bevel, meaning that it has a lower angle than traditional chef knives, due to which the knife cuts sharper and is more easier to chop with.

sushi knife


The second benefit is that you can get this knife at a more affordable price than others, all with extra features. For example, a regular sushi knife is made of carbon steel, which is more expensive than stainless steel, but is also more durable. So, you can swap this knife with a regular one and use a more malleable knife at a lesser price!


The third benefit is that you’ll get a knife that is really long. For example, you want to cut a big fish. A normal knife won’t pass from one side to the other easily, but with a sushi knife’s large blade, cutting the fish will be a breeze, and best of all, the sushi knife will be sharper than the normal one, so you won’t have to use extra force for the task.


The last and greatest benefit of all is that you’ll only need to get one type of knife, as opposed to others who recommend getting various variants of the same knife. There are 4 types of sushi knives, but you’ll only need to get the standard one, that is, the Yanagiba knife. Others are made for specific tasks, but this one is an all-rounder knife, meaning you can do everything you want with this one, single knife.
So, that was all! If you want to see the knife in action before buying, I suggest that you check out the demonstration videos at YouTube, they are really helpful!

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