My Juicing Tips


Juicing; is the process of extracting the juice from a fruits or vegetables using a juicer. It is considered healthy in comparison to the other alternative drinks and beverages that people have. Here are a list of a few of my juicing tips that would prove to be beneficial to your health and that of your family. One should always keep their well being in mind when they consume foods and beverages.

  • You should never store your juice as stored juices can become more sugary.
  • You should always use some lemon while juicing as lemon has natural antiseptics which cleanse your digestive track and promotes bowler moments.
  • You should never juice cabbage, kale or collard green as in their raw form they will suppress thyroid function which could raise some serious health issues.
  • You should always add parsley and watercress as they have high concentration of chlorophyll which works as a cleaning agent for blood which would improve your heart rate and work efficiency on the whole.
  • Avoid wheat grass as it is very rich in sugar content and it is known for causing nausea and dizziness so avoid it at all costs.
  • Use green apples instead of carrots and beets as they have less sweetness and make an excellent base for the juice and is much more useful as roughage for your stomach.
  • Juicing should be avoided at all costs if there is a yeast problem in your body as juices can affect and wash the friendly the friendly bacteria in your system.
  • To get an amazing juicer, be prepared to spend countless hours reading juicer reviews.

Well those were my juicing tips for you. If you are a fitness freak like I am then these tips would be really useful to you as you need all the healthy and natural materials going into your system. Moreover you should have your juices the way you extract them do not add anything extra for taste or another purpose as it would destroy the effectiveness.

For maximum result I do my juicing and consume it in the morning on an empty stomach because that’s the best thing to do.

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